It’s no secret that we are living in a noisy online world.
Now more than ever, with an overload of information, it is becoming increasingly difficult to filter what we find in search of our own true voice.
With a proven past of finding his feet off the well worn path, Tyger provides a balanced approach to presenting that marries entertainment with engagement and insight with inspiration.
By shedding light through the lens with which he has lived his life thus far, he provides an alternative perspective and authentic approach to the day to day which cultivates positive change across his world wide audience both online and more recently at events.

After traveling to over 35 countries working on creative campaigns with brands such as Sony, Omega, Nautica and Calvin Klein, Tyger retired from life as a world renown travel influencer after three years. He coined the phrase “Live your dream, not the dream” and continued on a mission to reach the limits of his physical capabilities through his qualification into the 2019 Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Nice, France.
He is also a health and wellness figurehead to many as a committed vegan for over three year as well as a popular podcast host, playing anchor on the recently rebranded “The Den FM” conducting interviews with the action oriented leaders from the millennial generation across the health, fitness, photography, business and social media sector.
With multiple keynote, MC, presenting and public appearance roles under his belt - his authentic approach, ability to engage and profound hold of rooms with large audiences; coupled with his ability to connect, communicate and leave an everlasting change to audiences of all demographics has him in the early phases of a career as a highly sought after appearance professional.
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