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Heard a ripper quote today I thought I’d share; “It only hurts, if you don’t want it.”

While I know ‘literally’ this isn’t true, the philosophy behind it really resonated with me as I hope it will for you... 👊🏽🦁⚡️ It’s been said before, but anything worth achieving isn’t going to come easy…Therefore pain is a pre-requisite to the desired outcome, whatever it is...Which means if you are feeling pain, you’re on the right track and should welcome it with open arms! Haha 

So I challenge you, and myself; this week when you feel pain, instead of letting it hurt - bask in it, get comfy with it, love it. Know that it’s just there to hold us accountable when nobody else will, to remind us that what we’re doing is worth it and for that, Pain may just be the best friend we ever have.

Wishing you a lot of pain this week, Happy Monday 👊🏽


I can’t really put pen to paper with words that justify just ho unreal this day was.

Honestly was a culmination of some of my favourite things - motivated people, healthy food, artsy place and meaningful conversations.

Massive thanks TO Cocobella for helping make it happen.

Can’t wait to bring more people together for events like these again in the very near future.

For now - that’s enough words, here’s a visual story of the day through the lens of Ellie Hayden



We are up and running with the podcast and blog again thanks to a wonderful event I was able to run at the Borrowed Nursery here on the Gold Coast thanks to Cocobella. Was so cool to meet everyone and have these powerful conversation in real life - what a special day, honestly made me so happy and feel so alive!


In the first of three instalments from the Cocobella Presents: Tyger Talk Live we have our first returning guest Hayley Anderson or @haylsa as she is more affectionately known online.

As we spoke about the journey and what it's like to travel in a relationship so in this episode we spoke more about the ins and outs of her wonderful self. Hayls goes into strategies she has used to developed and grow her personal brand, where she continues to find inspiration for self improvement and self discipline as well as what she does to combat the uncontrollable's.

To see more of Hayley check out her website:
And Instagram:

Once again just want to say a huge thanks to Cocobella for making the live podcast materialise. They are a huge support of this podcast so please support them too.

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Keep spreading those cosmic vibes, speak soon.

Tyg xo