I heard a great quote the other day; something along the lines of either pay now or pay later. If you think about that for a second it's pretty spot on. My interpretation of that is, what is the cost of your health? It hit home in a way that hadn't really before, as although I have been vegan for over 18 months now - I have found myself doing it as cheap as possible when perhaps it is a better idea to buy the nutrients that my body needs.

In any event food for thought...

My staple brekky at the moment is;

- Billy's Oatmeal
Raw oats
Coconut milk
100% peanuts butter (crunchy, always haha)
Pepetas (pumpkim seeds)

- Avo Toast
Not the first person to smash this, especially at this point in time - super popular, but the key is a couple of fresh wholesome slices of bread with all the seeds mm mmm

- Cosmic Vibes Juice Bar Special
A spontaneous concoction from the worlds finest juice bar.

All up from a weekly shop we're talking roughly $50 for a week

EZ peazy