In the Juice Bar with Garden of Flavor

While we were away on this past trip, we spent the first 10 days staying at the #GardenofFlavor house up in Big Sky, Montana in the United States.

It was beautiful, but more on that later and down to the important stuff.

When I'm away I like to eat simply...It's pretty hard to source quality ingredients and fresh produce, but there are a few staples that you can always rely on to be there and relatively cheap too! 
* When I don't have access to a dairy free milk alternative I just use water, works a treat.

This is literally what I had for breakfast every day while I was away and boy is it a ripper!
To jazz it up a little more you can throw in some blueberries, cacao or a bit of cinammon...

Featuring Lisa Marie - the founder of Garden of Flavor Juices. She throws in her Cashew Mylk which is an insane creation, such a big fan! Only available in the US at the moment, but such an innovative juice business

Keep spreading those cosmic vibes,