For a while now I've been thinking about judgement...As much as I've told myself I don't really care about anyone's opinions of me and I just froth on life regardless, Instagram has definitely brought out the vanity in me. How I look, where I am, what people think of me and my photo's has played on my mind for a long time now and it's left me feeling pretty discontent with a seemingly perfect life as well as a little bit confused with my direction. 

Upon reflection I realised that the me before Instagram photo's became my sole source of income honestly did not care and so why should I now? I don't want the facade that Instagram puts up to be the only thing I share because of the fear of judgement. I want to document my whole journey through life and the decisions I maketowards my ambitions, for myself, without hesitation because there's something I like about the content, because there's something I like about it, or I just simply like it or think it's right or yeah nah yeah...whatever! haha If other people enjoy it, or it helps them or they want to follow or unfollow for whatever reason then that's rad!

I also want to re-instate that my decisions aren't the right ones for everyone, sometimes not even for myself! I like that everyone does different things, has different opinions, makes different decisions...It makes things interesting and individuality is the coolest thing ever I reckon!

So here's a picture of me in my latest op shop outfit. With all a suit case to represent I've got all that I need to be the person I want to be to take on the bend in the road that is approaching. I don't know what's around the corner, but I know how I want to approach it and I know why...That's a story for another time, soon.

Here's to not giving a damn, here's to keeping it real.

- Tyg xo