You wouldn’t know it scrolling past but this piktcha is a symbol of the wonders and limitless capabilities of social media. If I was living the life I am now anytime other than this era right now in the history of human existence, then the chances are this photo would not have occurred...
I’m fooling around on the shore with Filippa - a Swedish gem who we met by chance of introduction from a message from our mutual bestie Angelica (who we only knew off Instagram as well) as we happened to be in Bali at the same time. For some reason, perhaps because our birthdays are on the same day tss tss 🎁 we got a long so well and she is one of my close friends thanks to the ease of constant communication on Facebook messenger and insty. The photo was taken by one of my now best mates Kyle who, oblivious to us at the time, just so happened to be traveling through Bangkok when we were there with his girlfriend Hayley who had organised to catch up with a girl we were traveling with as they followed each other on Instagram too! We all met for dinner and got a long so well we kept up to date with each other’s lives on here until our paths crossed again in Greece, where we formed a life long friendship! 
How crazy is that?! I guess in many ways our little camping trip to Esperence would be regarded as a “media/micro influencer trip” but I’ve only just realised that it could be referred to as that now because in my head it was simply me and a couple of close friends heading on a road trip to the south. 
I’m sure I’m not the only person that has had something as meaningful as a friendship come about thanks to social media too..
I love how insanely close the whole world seems to feel and the limitless possibilities that this thought pattern provides all thanks to platform that doesn’t really even really exist anywhere but in thin air...She cops a bitta slack old insta but she’s alright ya know! Hahah