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Going all in is the exact phase you would need to describe Andrew Riis.

With a passion that extends beyond the profit and loss summary, he has dedicated his late teens and early twenties to a variety of social impact endeavours with the intentions of pushing connection, selflessness and purpose. He influences young people to search for an individual career/life path regardless of if it is or isn’t the traditional careers manual that is thrust in front of us at the conclusion of schooling days.

Andrew shares his journey to have his own purpose shine despite a varied and challenging adolescence, and how other young people can design and live lives they love. Trusting his journey and following his heart has lead him to build a network of friends with similar passions and motives, with whom he has collaboratively built multiple businesses; his latest of which is Future You - a movement for young people that involves Summits for high school students where speakers who have forged highly purposeful and often untraditional careers/lives share their journeys.

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