So what is cosmic vibes anyway?


This is definitely a post that has been a long time coming...

As my interpretation of it is slightly out of context I thought it'd be best to elaborate my thoughts with examples...

I like using words that I like from other languages and incorporating them into my everyday vocabulary even though I don’t speak any other languages.
I like wearing clothes that express the way I feel, not to look different or alternative (or like a noob, which is more than often the case) but purely because there’s something I like about them.
I like taking certain skills of a sport that I like and getting good at that purely because it gives me joy without having to deal with the cheaters, the critics and the people that take away the beauty in it by getting consumed in the rules of what you can and can’t do in order to win.
I like to eat food that tastes yum, regardless of the cost...And if I like it and I’m feeling spontaneous I like getting two or three of whatever it is just cos.
I like meeting new people, unique people, people doing cool things, with a unique perspective. I like having conversations...Brief ones, deep ones, silly ones and pointless ones.
I like to wear no shoes and no underwear sometimes cos I forget, sometimes cos I like the freedom it gives and sometimes just cos.
I like doing as much as I can, all the time. And doing nothing.
I like looking at things, listening to things or watching things on repeat or for a long time and trying to listen and interpret in different ways to see how it influences me.
I like running and swimming because it feels natural, like the most simple form of human transportation and I like riding a bike cos I’m not good at it...
Sometimes I feel like I like doing it because of the people that also like it. 
Sometimes because it’ feels right for me right now.
And sometimes just cos i I like the feeling of pushing my body till it feels like I have no strength power or energy left and trying to keep going and then embracing the moments after when you feel like what Arnold Schwarzenegger must've felt like being the worlds strongest man..Even though my muscles are way bigger than what his used to be hehe
I like early mornings when the light has a gentle contrast, the vibe is full of opportunity for what the day might hold and the peace that comes from the people that are awake at that time.
I like life and dreaming about all the things that I want to do with it.

But like all of these things these emotions all come and go like the seasons.

But that’s what cosmic vibes is all about. I reckon.

It’s about doing what feels right for nobody but you, right now and a feeling that whatever it is, it’s possible.
It’s about the vibe of the thing, an environment where there is nothing but support, nobody questioning what you’re thinking or doing with these aspirations.
It’s not about going to space literally, but metaphorically, riding the wave of life, all together, side by side, bringing out the best in everyone, purely for the joy of living and the happiness that comes from that.

Something that should be celebrated and experienced everyday by everyone.

These things and more...

Life & it's possibilities.
It's inconceivably vast.

And that's cosmic.

To me...What is it to you?

- Tyg xo