This kinda sums up today.

This kinda sums up today.

Hey team,

I really want to track my progress for archival sake with training and also thought it could sweet to be transparent with how I'm going physically and mentally as well as loosely share specifics on my day to day diet (as I will go into more detail in proceeding posts).

As of today I am six weeks and three days in to full time training and it's fair to say my body is sending me a message letting me know that it's not used to the work load. 

Wednesday 20/6
Run: Pace Work on the Track
Ride: Intervals and Drills
I feel great; mentally I feel motivated and amped on day to day sessions.
Physically too all my muscles feel relatively fresh aside from some random bruising on the top of my right foot which flared up yesterday...Fair to say I was devastated this morning when I could only manage two reps of our traditional Wednesday morning track session. To be fair I think I could have ran it out, but I want to play the long game here so I don't think it's worth pushing it if I'm going to put myself out for longer.
Big day on the stretch mat and rolling out on the spikey ball.

See how it feels tomorrow.

- Tyg xo