That one time when my bike got stolen

Well as those have you who follow me Instagram would know, last week the only bike I have for training (and for transport for that matter) was stolen out of my garage a couple of nights ago...

Upon initially feeling pretty helpless and a little distraught at the immediate ramifications this random act of disrespect had on my training plans and day to day life, I realised that I was settling for the negative stand point...I’ve had a bit of a niggle in my foot for a couple of days now and I took this turn of events as the universe trying to tell me something...Like the universe was trying to tell me I was making a bad decision choosing to follow this avenue with life that felt so right. It left me feeling pretty dazed and confused; drowned with thoughts of self doubt.

However some timely conversations with my dad and so many messages of support from my training family Elite Sports Gold Coast made me realise that I could just as easily interpret the happenings as a sign for positive things to come as a result. It unlocked the flood gates for optimistic thoughts, I realised I’d stopped hunting for ways to improve and keep moving forward as an athlete.

This would force me to gather my pennies and invest in a new bike as well as provide me with a couple of days of forced rest - both of which will only provide me with an opportunity to come back as a stronger athlete and provide whoever stole my bike with an opportunity to make a couple of dollars that could potentially turn their life around...I hope they use that money wisely haha

Regardless of if this bike talk goes over your head, I think there’s a metaphor in this for everyone; as there was for me - There’s a positive side to everything, we just have to look for it, in everything...Keep looking at how we as individuals and together as a global community can use the resources we have and the events that occur as an opportunity to keep moving forward.

Hope if you read this it provides you with a second to look for the positive in your day, whatever that may be...Sharing this with you is definitely mine for today!

Love you all always.

- Tyg