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Heard a ripper quote today I thought I’d share; “It only hurts, if you don’t want it.”

While I know ‘literally’ this isn’t true, the philosophy behind it really resonated with me as I hope it will for you... 👊🏽🦁⚡️ It’s been said before, but anything worth achieving isn’t going to come easy…Therefore pain is a pre-requisite to the desired outcome, whatever it is...Which means if you are feeling pain, you’re on the right track and should welcome it with open arms! Haha 

So I challenge you, and myself; this week when you feel pain, instead of letting it hurt - bask in it, get comfy with it, love it. Know that it’s just there to hold us accountable when nobody else will, to remind us that what we’re doing is worth it and for that, Pain may just be the best friend we ever have.

Wishing you a lot of pain this week, Happy Monday 👊🏽