The Weight of Regret Lies Heavy

This life thing, ey!

It’s so easy to coast.
It’s so easy to boast.
But making ends meat is all you’ll do most.

Being distant, being taint
Thinking that we is doing great.

Living at a million miles an hour, 
Could be the worst thing, it could make you sour.

Is this a recipe for disaster
Just ask the master?

That’s you, yes you!
And me for me.
Don’t you wanna set your sails not be all at sea?

I want to prosper, I want to be curious
But is there a price for being delirious?

What is my dream? What is that thing
Ain’t it the life that be happening?

At least that’s what we’re taught,
It’ll be that easy.
But things ain’t so lemon squeezy.

So far I’ve noticed that there’ll be nothing great
Unless it’s you that takes control of your fate.

That talent you had, the one that copped flack
Is probly the reason you stopped having a crack.

So why’d you drop it? Why would you stop it?
There ain’t no price that could swap it.

So pick yourself up, assess your flaws
Be present now
Let that inner Lyons RAW.