There I was.
Parked up in the cosmic corner of the backyard of my family home, feeling sorry for myself, feeling empty...Thinking about life and that, wandering wh...When all of a sudden, my boys walked through the back gate. A surprise visit! Funny how the stars align sometimes.

I've heard people say that friends and family are the most important people in your life and it's fair to say that the last couple of days down in the dumps have proven that for me. Right when I feel like Rocky Balboa in the 13th round against Mr T mum will walk round the corner with a cup of tea and no sooner was I contemplating whatever would I do with myself on a beautiful Sunday morning such as the one today when three of my best mates came to say g'day - they may as well have been royalty! 

I decided that they should receive 5-star service - an experience at the worlds best juice bar. So I had no option but to throw the suit on and go to work.

Tune in... https://youtu.be/Bip0kAAL9o0

- Tyg xo