Well it's fair to say it's been a long time coming.
I have kept relatively quiet in terms of advising people on how to edit a piktcha, as I don't consider myself a professional or anywhere near skilled enough to consult people with regards to their post production. However, as I am constantly adopting new styles for my photos I thought that perhaps sharing a style that I once used could help some of you in creating art that makes your memories as special as they felt.

I've just released about 50 of my favourite edits that I've used so far (you can see them here). From playing around in the sun, sea and sand at home in Aus, to the vibrant streets of Portugal, to the culture rich surrounds in Asia these have all been created to adopt the colours and feelings I was vibing when I was there experiencing them.

My hope would be that you use these edits as a base and infuse them with your own style, to create exactly what it is that you felt in the moments you've got in front of you.

I know a lot of people tone down their edits for preset sale to make them a little more general but my philosophy is that if you like my edits, then the edits I used are exactly what I'll provide. I have literally kept all my presets as they were on my Lightroom and for that reason some of them might need to be adjusted in a couple of various ways to make them work for your specific photo, skin tone, hair colour, landscape etc The edits work best on raw images so if you are shooting in JPG than the HSL sliders might need to be toned down a notch. Obviously I will be more than happy to help you implement them and assist you should you have any questions :)

Hope through this I can provide the starting block or a new direction on your creative journey.

Keep spreading those cosmic vibes,

Tyg xo

PS. lease also tag @cosmicvibesonly or #cosmicvibesonly so I can see all your wonderful edits!