The Travel Influencer Tool Kit

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The Travel Influencer Tool Kit


My way of giving back.
Of passing the baton on to the next generation of travel influencers.
Three years of hard fought knowledge from first hand experience emailing, pitching and winning clients, getting income retainers, composing images for social and commercial purposes, bringing your photos to life packed into a short training program with a one on one mentoring session to set you on your way.
If you’re reading this, you’re next.
Your journey starts here.

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All my learnings from three years on the road, packed into a simple training program, as well as my mentorship to help you to be part of the next generation of travel influencers - to live and experience everything that I did and more!

For the last three years I traveled to over 35 countries working on creative campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world.

With my sights set on new goals independent of the travel scene; I wanted to do everything I could to help others live the life I have been so lucky to live and breathe over the past three years.

So I put together this…It’s my tool kit, all my tips, tricks and hacks; literally everything I learned through 3 years of first hand practical experience and trial and error that took me from a kid with a camera and a dream to a global explorer with a career in the travel content creation space.

Included is:
- 2 hours and 18 minutes of Video Tutorials covering.
- 33 key point visual presentation slides.
- 7 variety’s of email templates all for different purposes.
- 8 presets for mobile and desktop for you to use to develop into your own style (and eventually use as a tool to monetise)
- 1 versatile preset I used for all commercial jobs.
AND a ONE on ONE Facetime/Skype to answer any other questions to help you to make this your life.

I realise that this lifestyle is one of the most incredible to live in the world and so all I want to do is help you to make this your reality.

Looking forward to chatting and helping you as much as I can.